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Tokens distribution will continue during the next days until all tokens are distributed.

Crypto Community needs a reliable platform

Cryptomus incentivizes users to share and verify information with the community and build profitable, statistic-driven investment strategies.

How it works

Cryptomus enable any trader to publish price predictions and invest virtual funds.

Traders publish price predictions and trade virtual funds

Traders activities are instantly visible.

Success statistics are public, transparent and immutable.

For each trader, all important statistics (success rate on price predictions, ROI, account value, complete history, etc.) are available for the community.

Traders get paid for their success

Successful traders can set a subscription price for their followers to access their trading activity.

Founding Team


Co-Founder, Tech Lead

Nizar is an experienced developer with a strong passion for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.
He has more than 10 years experience in a wide range of domains, from business apps to algorithmic trading.


A Full Platform for Traders and Investors

We are working hard to develop the best features for our community. Some features are already available on Cryptomus Beta Version.

Crypto currencies price predictions

Traders can publish price predictions. Success rate helps users to evaluate the effectiveness of a trader.

Top traders listing

In order to stimulate competition, we established a top traders list. Ranking also enables users to detect and follow the best traders.

ICOs community evaluations

The ICOs evaluation system enables community to detect, compare and evaluate the best ICOs.

Virtual trading

Virtual trading tool enables traders to prove they have successful trading strategies. All trading statistics are public and immutable.

Algorithmic trading tool

Algorithmic trading tool will enable traders to create automatic trading strategies based on market data, but also on community data, which is unique and powerful.

Crypto currencies Barometer

This feature will provide real time visualization of the activity on each cryptocurrency, in order to anticipate market fluctuations.


Mar 2017 - Start of development
Oct 2017 - Beta Release
Oct 2017 - Top ICOs feature
Oct 2017 - Presale 1st stage
Dec 2017 - Presale 2nd stage
Dec 2017 - Whitepaper release
Jan 2018 - Public Token Sale
Jan 2018 - Cryptomus v1.0 Release
Feb 2018 - Android App
Mar 2018 - iOS App
May 2018 - CPS Token Integration
Jun 2018 - Algorithmic Trading Tool
Jul 2018 - CryptoCurrencies Barometer
Sep 2018 - Start of Mass Marketing
Start of
Mar 2017
Beta Release
Oct 2017
Top ICOs
Oct 2017
1st stage
Oct 2017
2nd stage
Dec 2017
Dec 2017
Token Sale
Jan 2018
v1.0 Release
Jan 2018

Android App
Feb 2018

iOS App
Mar 2018
CPS Token
May 2018
Trading Tool
Jun 2018
Jul 2018
Start of Mass
Sep 2018

Token sale Calendar

Oct 2017 - Presale 1st Stage
  • Early and strategic investors.
  • $1,300,000 raised.
Dec 2017 - Presale 2nd Stage
  • $1,000,000 raised.
Jan 2018 - Public Sale
  • Capped at $5,700,000

Token sale Details

    Hard Cap : $8,000,000
    Total Supply : 200,000,000 CPS
    Available for sale : 156,000,000 CPS
    Token Price : $0.04 for Presale, $0.05 for Public Sale.
    Accepted : ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH.
    Token Usage : Used in paid services and Cryptomus transactions. Profit participation rights.
    Token Distribution : Less than 1 hour after your contribution. CPS Token will be immediately tradable after Token Sale.
    Token Type : ERC20

Token Distribution

Token sale 70%
Platform Reserve 8%
Team 6%
Early investors & advisors 16%

Use of funds

Development 40%
Operations 20%
Marketing 20%
Legal 10%
Incentive programs 10%

Use of CPS Tokens

After integration on platform, CPS Tokens will be required to access paid services. In case of payment with other coins (BTC, ETH, etc. ), Cryptomus platform will buy automatically CPS on exchanges at market price.

Paying directly with CPS Token will enable users to get discounts. This point is fully detailed in the WhitePaper.

CPS Token holders will also have participation rights.